The Problem

You need to run a Notes agent, but running it in the Notes Client locks up. Maybe you need to run this agent outside the Domino server as part of a batch process, how do you do that? Or you have a long agent that constantly is getting terminated by the Domino Server Agent Mgr process because it takes to much time. Or maybe you need your agent to run regardless of whether Notes or the Domino server is running.

Agent Runner for Lotus Notes/Domino is your answer.

Agent Runner is a powerful command line tool for Lotus Notes and Domino that solves the above problems by allowing you to run an agent independent of the Notes Client or Domino Server on Windows, Linux, and in the Mac. Schedule agents the way you want, using Windows Task Scheduler, as a cron job on Linux, and even on the Mac!

The Issues

Here are a few of the issues you most likely face, and that Agent Runner can solve.

You can't truly schedule agents on the Notes Client.

Running agents on the client locks up your client until the agent completes. You can't check mail or use any other Notes Apps.

Wouldn't it be nice to run the agent and still use your client?

Running on the Domino server your agent can be prempted and stopped if the Server deems it's running to long.

Okay so we migrated to a new messaging system, but I didn't realize we need to continue to update the old one?

We migrated to a new messaging system but didn't realize those apps still need to use updated Directory information in the old system.

The Solution - Run Agents where and when you want them

As an admin, developer, or end user, you will have the flexibility to run your agents without time restrictions, and you can run multiple agents at the same time all from your desktop or server. No more locking up the Notes Client while you wait for your agent to complete. Need to run several agents at the same time? No problem. Just open a new command window and run your agent. On Linux systems you can now run agents without relying on Agent Manager or the Domino server running.

How easy is it to run an agent?

For an agent in a database on a server:

AgentRunner [server!!database] [agentname]

For an agent on your local machine:

AgentRunner [database] [agentname]

That's it!

Key Benefits of Directory Unifier

Run any agent in a database (whether local or on a server) from a command prompt or shell.

Continue to use your Notes Client while you execute the agent. No more waiting for agents to complete before using your client again.

Run multiple agents at the same time in different windows with their own output.

Greater control of when your agents run. Agents can be scheduled using other scheduling systems (Task Scheduler, cron, Mac Scheduler, etc.)

No time restrictions. Agents run as long as they need to.

Full view of the print statements from your LotusScript agents (not just the one line status bar in the Notes Client). Runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS (yes Mac OS).

Try it yourself

Want to Test Drive Agent Runner?

Test drive Agent Runner for 7 days and see just how productive it will make you. Download the versions for the platform(s) of your choice and then request a trial key at

Download versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X:

Windows Agent Runner 1.0 Tested on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008

Linux Agent Runner 1.0 Tested on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu Linux, SuSE Linux

Mac OS X Agent Runner 1.0 Requires Mac OS X 10.5+ for Intel

Ready to Buy?

The pricing is simple and inexpensive. Pricing is per computer. You can use one Agent Runner license on a single computer. To use Agent Runner on multiple computers you will need to purchase a license for each computer. With your purchase you will receive a valid license key, incremental product updates for one year (2 to 4 updates per year which will include new features and bug fixes).

Single User License $199 (USD)

5 User License Pack $899 (USD)

10 User License Pack $1499 (USD)

Need more? Contact us at for volume licensing.

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